Covid-19 Updates

Thank you for bearing with us during this tough time. We have all had to make many changes but we will get through this together. All things are possible to those who believe! 

We understand that due to Covid, things just aren't the same anymore but we are still doing our very best to provide you with the same pure and top quality products that we love to make and have reduced prices on some items in order to afford everyone the opportunity to purchase our products more easily. Our focus is now to make all of our products affordable (for each of their value) for everyone at this time due to circumstances so that everyone may have a chance to purchase and benefit from them. Creation101 is here for you.

We will continue to customize depending on the circumstances and orders placed when need be but in general, what we have in stock is sold as is. 

We will be performing store updates in the coming months and will inform you all ahead of time when the time comes. Thank you for your time and patience!