Changing the Perception of Beauty Part I (True Beauty Is Not Programmed)

Changing the Perception of Beauty Part I (True Beauty Is Not Programmed)


Everyone Deserves Encouragement

Changing the Programmed Perception of Beauty (Part 1) by GG of Creation101

Good evening everyone. I decided to speak a little on what is noticeably and currently taking place as each day passes. More and more little girls, teenage girls, young women and older women are experiencing lack of self-esteem for various reasons. To name a few, because of negativity coming from family members, their communities, and social media. This is not to say that male and female alike today aren't important but at this time, I can only address and speak on one matter at a time to keep my message clear. 

Personally, I see how the constant negativity, especially around what today's perception of beauty is assumed to be and it is resulting in low self-esteem for a lot of females out there today. It can be a bit much. For young girls and women of all ages, it can be hard to hold onto your self-esteem if you are not getting any positive vibes and encouragement; just harsh words and judgments. Everyone no matter what, deserves daily encouragement; even for the simple accomplishments achieved or simply just for being themselves. 

The Real Truth

We have been told for so long that we should look, act, and think like someone else; anyone but ourselves. The truth is, that is far from the truth. To all women and girls of all ages and ethnic backgrounds: accept and love yourselves.

True Beauty is Not Programmed www.ggcreation101.com
Be the best version of yourself that you can be. Don't worry about any competition or negativity. All that does is take your mind off of the fact that you are awesome and amazing just as you are. If you never put on any makeup or perfume, everyone will still see that you are beautiful because of your lovely personality. You are glorious and magnificent without the approval of anyone. 


Just As We Are

Don't worry about being a follower. Be a leader. You set the trend and lead people simply by being your authentic selves and you can help change the world on a positive note. Quoting a line from one of my favorite gospel songs by Michelle Williams, "Change the world; don't let the world change you." There is nothing wrong with making yourself look beautiful; don't me wrong. Feels good to fix up and look cute or amazing for someone we like or love but it also feels good to fix ourselves up and look beautiful just because we feel like it. If we decide to walk around in our joggers a couple days of the week, guess what? We are still beautiful just the way we are! Don't let anyone steal your joy!



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